Things to Know About Carpet Vacuums

Aside from keeping your carpet feeling soft and looking nice, vacuuming can also help in keeping your air and carpet fresh and clean. Yes, you have read it right. A job as easy as vacuuming your carpets can do wonders for the health of your family and your house.  

However, you might be wondering why vacuums have a lot of settings and attachments. If you’re just a regular joe, you probably want to know the exact purpose of every attachment and setting in your vacuum. Fortunately, we are here to help. 

Today, we are going to share with you some of the things you should know about the vacuums that most Kingston carpet cleaning companies use. 

The Ideal Way to Vacuum 

When cleaning your house, if you apply a top-down technique, you can work smarter and not harder. You should begin by dusting the furniture, blinds, and other surfaces. This will help you drop the dirt/dust to the floor. Next, vacuum it right off your carpets. You’ve got to ensure you slowly push and pull the vacuum, back and forth. Move to the side after every 4 strokes in an overlapping pattern. You should spend more time cleaning hard-to-reach spots such as edges and corners next to your baseboards.  

Knowing Your Settings 

A vacuum needs to make contact with the surface you are attempting to clean for it to be successful. The issue is that a lot of surfaces in your house have various heights. This is where the settings can be helpful. Almost every vacuum has a knob close to the base’ front side that will adjust pile height. You can ensure that the vacuum makes contact with the carpet with this setting. However, it will still enable the right amount of airflow.  

  • Bare Floor Setting 

This is a setting used for floors that have no carpet. You’ll end up scratching the floors with the brush if you set the pile height too low. You should not utilize it on the bare floors if your vacuum does not include this setting.  

  • High Pile Setting 

This is the setting for soft, high pile, or wool carpeting. The high pile setting will typically go over the carpet’s upper part. This enables successful suction. 

  • Low Pile Setting 

This setting is for commercial and flat carpeting. The vacuum will have great floor contact as well as airflow for suction. 

Common Attachments for Your Vacuum Cleaner 

  • Dusting Brush 

This attachment is useful for vacuuming surfaces that are more fragile and require a gentler touch, such as hardwood flooring.  

  • All-Purpose Brush 

It is ideal for cleaning flat surfaces. This includes shelves, and much more. 

  • Upholstery Nozzle 

As its name implies, this attachment is made for vacuuming upholstered mattresses, drapes, and furniture.  

  • Crevice Tool 

Do you have a hard time reaching the tight crevices and corners in your house? Well, you will need a crevice tool. This is a long and thin attachment that is ideal for narrow spots.  

  • Radiator Brush 

This is best for vacuuming vents and radiators.