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Bausch & Lomb Nicholas Illuminator(Used)

A free standing illuminator for stereo microscope applications. Used but in good working condition. For an intense, directed beam of light, often required for stereo/zoom viewing. The illuminator acts as an independent light source on its own transformer base and stand, flexible to almost any angle, and the 6" multi-position hinged metal arm extends to 12". The intensity of the light is also adjustable with a built-in rheostat. 110 VAC w/transformer to 6.5 volt, 2.75 amp. Bulb number 1631X, with a 5' 9" three-wire cord. Base size: 5" W x 6"D x 3.5" H; lamp housing size: 6"L x 2 1/4" dia. Catalog Number 313530BL

Our Price: $155.00

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